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About TheOS

We provide a full spectrum of custom software services, with a focus on web and mobile application development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance, and post-project maintenance and support.

Modern Working Environment:

  • PLAY HARD. WORK HARD. EAT TOGETHER - We believe sharing meals plays a critical role in community building and spontaneous cross collaboration.
  • CELEBRATE THE ART OF IMPERMANENCE - Come to work and You have everything a little different every day.
  • GET COMFORTABLE WITH PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES - “Of course, it’s terrifying as well, and We prefer for it to happen at the beginning of a project when working with a client so we can recover and redirect if we need. But I constantly seek that magic space where we are challenged and pushing our limits. That’s where the best work happens.”
  • We understand that when you take chances, there will be mistakes. “That’s easy to say, but it’s really hard to do. But it is our obsession to foster an environment that creates this kind of creativity.”

TheOS Leadership

Amit Modi

As the Founder and CEO of TheOS, He has been involved in establishing TheOS Systems (Previously known as Aamod Info Private Limited), a leading IT company in Jharkhand to a Global Brand, Envisioned education vertical project, called ‘Intslate: Cloud Based School Management Platform’ to enable schools become paperless and help them analyse the available data.

He Conceived the IntSlate project and led its product development; Witnessed Intslate getting its first five agreements (which effectively meant more than 10,000 student users) signed in the very first month of its launch in Aug' 2016; responsible for procuring businesses from IT services to product sales and deployment; Manage a team of 50 people and guide them to work like a team for organisational growth and also ensure that they themselves grow with the organisation.

Kunal Gandhi
Mentor - Technology

9 years plus of experience as Microsoft dotNet Professional in System analysis, Design, Application Development and Testing of enterprise applications with extensive experience in the full life cycle of software design process including requirement definition, prototyping, design, interface implementation, testing and maintenance.Experience working with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Angular.js, Jquery Mobile, Android, iOS, DotNet Framework, C#, Asp.net,Wordpress, Magento, Webservices, Mashups, Google Maps API, Payment Gateways , ADO.NET, Generics, GDI, GDI+, Socket, Wince.net, RFID, Barcode, Smart Card Framework,TCP/IP, DCOM, Multithreading etc.

Vinod Kumar

A fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, and a practicing company secretary since last thirteen years with an ability to ensure that a Company complies and operates in accordance with statutory and legal provisions he has experience of attending meetings with company members and the board of directors and acting as a point of communication between them.He has a vast experience of presentation of cases before all the quasi Judicious authorities in Income tax, Service tax and other revenue legislations including appellate authorities and Tax Tribunals.

Dr Suvendu Jaipuriar
Legal Advisor

He handles the Company Law matters and all other corporate laws on behalf of corporate clients and provide consultancy in the matters of good secretarial practice.

Team TheOS

Gulshan Kumar
Team Leader
Ankit Kumar
Sr.Java Developer
Santosh Kumar
Sr.Java Developer
Purnima Prasad
Quality Analyst
Jawed Ansari
UX/UI Developer
Saurabh Kumar
Java Developer

Business Strategy

Agile Methodologies ensuring short time-to-market figures and iterative approach to software development, particularly fit to win the competition in the dynamic online marketplace.

Great Business Analytics Skills enabling detailed elaboration of our customers’ business ideas for the best-suited implementation solutions.

Individually-Tailored Collaboration Approach offering flexible payment methods, contract terms and our specialists’ onsite presence availability.

Superior Customer Service providing 24/7 complete project transparency, adjustable working hours and local representatives available for immediate assistance in North America, Scandinavia, UK and Eastern Europe.

End-to-End Services comprising creative software design, business analysis backed by prototyping and data visualization services, QA and testing activities, development itself, hosting, support and maintenance – we’ve got it all covered for you.

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