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Business organizations and offices are undergoing a drastic change in their outlook and functionalities. In this modern era of digitization, the role of documents seems to have taken a back seat. Gone are the days, when the productivity of the business was directly dependent on the flow of the physical documents from one department to another. The downside of this dependency can't be enumerated in words. Apart from the obvious downfalls which would include loss of documents (hence loss of information), depleted resources, it had a direct impact on the environment, with more and more trees being axed to account for the papers!

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Product Development Lifecycle

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Product Conceptualisation

Every product has to start with an idea. In some cases, this might be reasonably simple, conceptualizing a new product on something that already exists. In a few cases, it may be something out of the box. Many of the leading tech companies have innovation departments that focus solely on the task of coming up with ‘the next big thing.’ Once the idea is selected, significant time is spent on Market research, Functional analysis, Technical analysis, Feasibility analysis, ROI, and Prototype development.

Product Architecture and Design:

The next phase is to design the technical architecture of the product. In this phase, the business team provides the business specification to technical teams who then build the architecture of the product, create workflow diagrams, and DB design.

Product Development

In this phase, development teams start developing the product. Development teams may use Waterfall or Agile methodologies to develop a product. Most of the software companies are now moving towards an Agile development methodology to make the product development process faster. In this phase, teams develop, perform unit tests, integration tests, performance tests, and any other testing types depending on the product type. Once this phase is completed, the team creates an Alpha release which may be mostly internal and limited to a few external users.

Product Release

Once the team is confident about the functionality, usability, and stability of the product based on the Alpha release and receives feedback, the team moves towards the Beta release phase. In the beta release, companies may choose to open it to all the customers or choose to provide access to limited customers who request for Beta access. In this phase, the team wants to get feedback from external customers and make any changes accordingly. Once the team is satisfied with the beta feedback and necessary changes are made to the product, a public release of the product takes place. Public release involves broad announcements, PR, and so forth to create an impact depending on the product.

Product Realization and Future Upgrade:

The next phase is continuous monitoring of the product, its usage, and growth. Along with future enhancements, teams also need to prioritize the bug fixes based on the customer impact.


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